First prototype of G-BOB came to live at the beginning of 2015.

I completed third part of my favourite game and I was pretty pleased. There was a little “but”, well, looking from the perspective maybe even a pretty big “but”, not enormous “but”. Second prototype was designed – it was a failure, third one also needed adjustments and finally forth one – nice one. I showed my third “child” to my friends who like to play games, but also to those, who don’t play at all. Their reactions were quite cool. There was another “but” coming – my, at the time, thirteen years old son.
He was not interested in G-BOB. When I tried to talk with him about the controller he replied:

– Dad, I don’t need this controller. I play with keyboard and it is OK.

I was a bit sad because my friends liked it and my son didn’t. I realised that there is no other way but to make him play with G-BOB and show me my mistakes.

– Son, you have to play with my prototype for few hours a day for a week and write down why you don’t want to use it. – I said.

After about three days I wanted to show the prototype to my friends and asked my son to play with his keyboard for a bit. Here was his response:

– Dad, I can’t give it to you right now because I am playing with my friends and I can’t do the things with my keyboard that I can to with your controller.

Well, I was a little bit “nervous” but I never got my fourth prototype back.