Neither a mouse,
nor a keyboard

It’s a G-BOB!

G-BOB is a brand new, completely Polish, intuitive gaming controller which paired with mouse delivers yet unseen quality of entertainment. It replaces standard WSAD on your keyboard with an intuitive one-hand control and features twenty fully programmable keys which you can freely bind to any in-game action. It gives you comfort and precision in everyday gaming. Ergonomic shape of G-BOB forces you to sit right so your arm and back will not hurt even after all-night LAN party.

Basic functions of G-BOB

Innovative and intuitive movement controller
for people who value comfort in gaming.

Perfect duo

G-BOB controller is not replacing your mouse, it is quite the opposite.
Together they form a perfect duo which will show you a completely new way of interaction.

G-BOB is using your natural ability to co-ordinate your hands – when the right one is occupied the left one becomes its natural complement. G-BOB gives you a possibility to precisely control your in-game movement while your mouse is an irreplaceable crosshair. Together they form a perfect duo, which not only influences your comfort, but also improves your efficiency. Your favourite game becomes even more fun to play.

Correct hand position

Your hand should be placed comfortably on a flat part of G-BOB and your fingers should land naturally on the three keys. Your elbow should be supported by your desk or armrest.

You have twenty keys at your disposal. Two of them are operated by your pinky, thirteen by the three fingers freed thanks to G-BOB. Five more keys are within the thumb’s reach because it is the most mobile finger.

You should place your controller and mouse more-less in the same distance from the centre of your monitor or laptop. Thanks to that you will sit right.

How place your hand on G-BOB

Intuitive hand movement

When you play with G-BOB you use your whole left hand, not just your fingers, like you do with traditional keyboard. You just place it on the device and with slight moves control your character or vehicle and after a while your intuition kicks in. Remember that in your right hand you still have your mouse.

Forwards and backwards

Using W and S key is replaced by moving
the controller forwards and backwards.

Left and right

Leaning the controller to the left and right
replaces using D and F on your keyboard.

Twenty fully
programmable keys

Literally “under your thumb”.

The layout of keys on the controller was designed to be operated with five fingers of your left hand. Twenty keys are placed on the front, left and right side of the controller. Five of them are within the thumb’s reach which is the most mobile finger. Each and every one of the keys is fully programmable so you can freely bind them in game’s menu to serve you best.


• innovative mechanism of transferring directional commands,
• ergonomic shape designed for left hand
• twenty fully programmable keys
• three colour versions (Red/Silver/Black)
• 191 mm x 100 mm x 45 mm (length x width x height)
• designed and manufactured in Poland
• mechanical contactors
• teflon-covered bearings
• Plug&Play
• anti-skidding base

Available models

We offer three colour versions: Red, Silver and Black.

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G-BOB, the first intuitive gaming controller


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